Cyber Security – All I want for Xmas

I join the trend of Cyber Security professionals publishing top trends and predictions for the new year.

I present something a little different; my Xmas wish list.

  • I wish for everyone to understand that criminals will always be criminals and they will always attack our enterprises.
  • I wish knowing the previous statement, that organizations take protecting their enterprises seriously, and that they fully understand the risks.
  • I wish everyone has a Cyber Security Leader that enables the learning and education of business leaders and arm them with what they need to know, and understand.
  • I wish everyone begins to understand that Cyber Security (or whatever you call it, IT Security, Cyber Security, Information Security) is a business function, not a service, not an after thought, not a bolt on, and NOT a sub function of IT.
  • I wish everyone understands that you are under attack, and you will be compromised.
  • I wish for everyone to understand when you are breached, you can recover, and you will recover – further wish you have properly planned and prepared for same.
  • I wish that everyone understands these basic wishes accommodate a basic foundational place to start with your security program, and you start.

If you would like to discuss how your organization can mature or start your program reach out.

However you celebrate the Holidays, hope you have a safe and happy one.



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