A note to recruiters, or…. Just another indicator of why cyber security has a skills gap….or, maybe this is one of the challenges of the cyber skills gap

How often does this happen to you?

You get an email, it states that the sender has reviewed your profile/resume/etc. and thought you would be the perfect fit for a role?

As a CISO, Chief Information Security Officer, a C-suite executive I have gotten plenty of these, almost daily and they are ALWAYS for a Help Desk person, a Finical adviser, or some entry level cyber security role.

To the recruiters, you did not read my profile nor resume. If you did then you bring to light one of the challenges I discuss around addressing the skills gap in filling cyber roles. You do not know nor understand what the skills, roles, or requirements are.

I also experience this with HR and organizations hiring for cyber roles; they know they need security but they do not know what they need.

So, two parting thoughts. As cyber security professionals we must work to fix this.

To recruiters, would you offer a CEO, Chief executive officer, a C-suite executive a role as a branch manager or team lead? That is what you are doing to security pros when you blast jobs at them just because they have the word security in their profile/resume.

I have started a series on Peerlyst.com on addressing the cyber security skills gaps that go into more detail on addressing the challenges. Go check them out and add to the discussion.

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